New FTC Rule Requires EnergyGuide Labels on TVs in 2011
Oct 28, 2010
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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said today that TVs manufactured after May 10, 2011 must display EnergyGuide labels to provide consumers with energy use information.

The rule comes after an amendment to the FTC's Appliance Labeling Rule. The labels - like those that have been on new washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances for many years - will provide TV buyers with information such as estimated yearly energy cost and the cost range compared to other similar models.

For decades nearly every TV used a cathode ray tube (CRT) to display its image, and the technology put practical limits on maximum TV sizes. TVs can now make use of a number of display technologies, including as plasma, LCD, LED-backlit, and these technologies have allowed screen sizes to expand dramatically. The result of these changes is more energy-use variance based on technology, size, and model.

"By comparing information on the EnergyGuide labels, consumers will be able to make better-informed decisions about which model they choose to buy, based on how much it costs to operate per year,” said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. “

The FTC requires a label with two main disclosures on new TVs:
• the television’s estimated annual energy cost
• a comparison with the annual energy cost of other televisions with similar screen sizes

The final rule requires that the new labels be visible from the front of the televisions. Manufacturers can use either a triangular label or a rectangular label. Beginning in July 11, 2011, the amended rule will require websites that sell televisions to display an image of the full EnergyGuide label.

FTC currently requires EnergyGuide labels on:
• clothes washers
• dishwashers
• refrigerators
• freezers
• water heaters
• window air-conditioners
• central air-conditioners
• furnaces
• boilers
• heat pumps
• pool heaters

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