Greenpeace Releases Guide to Greener Electronics V. 16
Oct 28, 2010
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The latest Greener Electronics Guide from Greenpeace ranked cell phone maker Nokia No. 1 while dropping Apple from 5th to 9th place – not because Apple lost points in the Greenpeace scoring system, but because other companies gained points quickly.

The top two companies, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, earned their position in part by producing products without most of he substances considered hazardous: PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), antimony, beryllium, and phthlates.

Greenpeace praised companies that make products that contain no PVC s or BFRs. Philips, for example, launched the Econova TV. Acer, HP, and Indian electronics companies Wipro and HCL have all released products free of PVC and BFRs.

Greenpeace's scoring system imposes penalty points when it believes a company is guilty of "lying, practicing double standards or other corporate misconduct" regarding its environmental initiatives. For example, Samsung originally scored 6.3 points, but was penalized a point for "…backtracking on its commitment to eliminate brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in new models of all products by January 2010 and PVC vinyl plastic by end of 2010."

Greenpeace ranks companies in three major categories:
• chemicals: management; substances phase-out timelines; PVC-free and/or BFR-free models; support of Precautionary Principle and support of RoHS revision
• e-waste: support for individual producer responsibility, support for product take-back and recycling, use of recycled plastics
• energy: support for global mandatory reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, company carbon footprint disclosure, commitment to GHG emissions reductions, amount of renewable energy used, product energy efficiency

Electronics companies and their ranks in the Guide:
1 – Nokia (scoring 7.5 out of a possible 10)
2 – Sony Ericsson (6.9/10)
3 – Philips (5.5/10)
4 – HP (5.5/10)
5 – Samsung (5.3/10)
6 (tie) – Motorola (5.1/10), Panasonic (5.1/10), and Sony (5.1/10)
9 – Apple (4.9/10)
10 – Dell (4.9/10)
11 – Sharp (4.7/10)
12 – Acer (4.1/10)
13 – Fujitsu (3.9/10)
14 (tie) – Lenovo (3.5/10), LG Electronics (3.5/10)
16 – Toshiba (2.3/10)
17 – Microsoft (1.9/10)
18 – Nintendo (1.8/10)

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