Azerbaijani Appliance Market in Focus
Oct 25, 2010
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Nearly all homes in Azerbaijan have refrigerators, and more than half of homes have vacuum cleaners, but a large percentage of in-home appliances are old Soviet-era brands, according to survey results from Business Insight International Research Group published by Azerbaijan Business Center.

The published survey results showed that:
• 97.5% of Azerbaijanis have refrigerators
• 98% have TVs
• 48.4% have air-conditioners
• 68.1% have vacuum cleaners
• 86.2% have gas cooking appliances (compared to 47.7% during the Soviet era)

The survey results, published at, said 10.4% of installed refrigerators are Chinar brand, made Baku Chinar Refrigerators OJSC, which is based in the Azerbaijani capitol of Baku. 26.2% of Azerbaijani consumers still use Soviet-era refrigerators.

The survey results ranked air-conditioner brands by their usage by the country's population:
• Samsung - 20.3%
• Hitachi - 18.4%
• Soviet (Baku brand) - 13.1%

TV brands in Azerbaijani homes:
• 25.5% were Samsung brand
• 20.5% LG brand
• 9.4% JVC brand

Gas stove brands in Azerbaijani homes:
• 9.3% were BEKO brand
• 5.2% Susler brand
• 3.2% Naturel
• 3.1% Siemens

The survey results ranked Samsung No. 1 in vacuum cleaners, at 20.8%, followed by Soviet-era brands at 19.4%.

Articles published by Azerbaijan Business Center, and based on Business Insight International Research Group survey results, showed Samsung to be the most common brand overall, with a presence in 46% of homes. Beko brand was in 28% of homes.

The survey polled 1155 Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijan is a nation of over 8 million people and was a Soviet satellite state until 1991.

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