J.D. Power Ranks Satisfaction with Kitchen, Laundry Appliances
Oct 25, 2010
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Samsung appliances equal high customer satisfaction in a number of major appliance categories, according to two new J.D. Power and Associates studies, which also found customer satisfaction to be strongly influenced by an appliance’s water and/or energy efficiency.

(More details on the J.D. Power and Associates studies are in the ApplianceMagazine.com article, Efficiency Satisfies Appliance Buyers.)

The 2010 Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study and 2010 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study also found that awareness of Energy Star certified appliances has increased among U.S. owners of new appliances since 2009 and so has the percentage who purchased an Energy Star appliance.

86% of 2010 dishwasher buyers reported buying an Energy Star certified appliance, for an increase of 5% from 2009 and a 9% increase from 2008.

Christina Cooley, senior manager of the real estate and construction industries practice at J.D. Power and Associates, credited the federal appliance rebate program with raising consumer awareness of Energy Star program. "20% fewer customers reported that they did not know if their appliance was Energy Star certified in 2010 compared to those that purchased their appliance in 2008 or 2009," she said. "Manufacturers and retailers continue to have an opportunity to tout the energy efficiency of the appliances they offer and the specific, tangible benefits tied to energy efficiency, which in turn impact customer satisfaction.”

Satisfaction with appliance performance is strongly influenced by the owner’s perception of the appliance’s water and/or energy efficiency, the study found. Customers who report that their appliance is Energy Star certified are more likely to be more satisfied with their appliance than customers who do not indicate that their appliance is certified.

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