Whirlpool Unveils Industry's Most Efficient Laundry Pair
Oct 15, 2010
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Whirlpool Corp. designed its new premium front-load Duet washer and dryer to be the industry's most resource-efficient laundry pair.

The washer uses as little as 11.5 gallons of water per load and exceeds the minimum federal energy standard set for selling appliances by more than 160%, on average. The washer's EcoBoost option takes the guesswork out of efficiency by reducing the water temperature and increasing agitation duration – the thermal decrease is offset by a tumbling increase, designed to deliver the same results washing using less water and energy.

The laundry appliance pair is designed to keeps clothes looking new longer with gentle wash and dry actions compared to traditional top-load appliances.

Whirlpool estimated the pair can save as much as $3300 in lifetime energy costs (compared to pre-2004 traditional top load washers and dryers, based on normal cycle, average use, 11-year washer life, and 12-year dryer life, electric models only).

The OEM also estimated that every household using the Duet laundry pair could save 12,857 gallons of water per year. Whirlpool even estimated that, if all 114.8 million U.S. households used the new laundry pair for a year, the water savings would be 1.47 trillion gallons.

The new Whirlpool-brand Duet washer and dryer will be available at national retailers in 2010 with an MSRP starting at $1,099.

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