Assistive Technology Featured in Innovative Model Home
Oct 12, 2010
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The NextGen National In-Home Healthcare Demonstration Home will include AbleNet access, environmental control, and communications products.

The model home will be featured at the Medtrade 2010 Conference – Nov. 15-18, 2010, in Atlanta - to showcase advances in home healthcare.

AbleNet CEO Jen Thalhuber said the demonstrations "Give users and their families a glimpse of how powerful these devices are in transforming everyday life. Staying at home and living a life of independence is the goal for most persons with disabilities."

Products showcased at the NextGen Home will include:

• SiCare Environmental Control Unit (ECU) products, which convert spoken commands into signals that control numerous devices such at televisions, telephones, lights, and electric beds. The SiCare Standard offers customizable menus and radio frequency (RF) control for users with multiple IR and RF devices in their home or who need an unlimited number of functions at their control.

• Possum Sero! is a telephone providing a loud speaker capability, remote control of the telephone, and an answering machine with communication aid functions. The Sero! has 50 recordable phrases (each 60 seconds long) allowing people with partial or no voice to communicate crucial messages over the telephone.

• Possum Primo! is an easy-to-use, affordable device providing remote control of the immediate environment – it can be configured to control a comprehensive environmental control system, incorporating remote control telephones, intercoms, and PCs as well as many other devices.

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