Intertek Mexico Moves to Green HQ Building
Oct 7, 2010
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Quality and safety testing and certification firm Intertek is moving its Mexico operations into a new “green” headquarters building in the Vallejo district of Mexico City.

The 8,800 square meters (91,000 sq ft) facility has expertise supporting management systems certification, consumer goods, electrical safety, governmental trade, food, industrial, petroleum, chemical, and environmental client services. The laboratory is said to be one of the most advanced in Mexico and in the global Intertek network. Key environmental features in the building help reduce energy and water usage, carbon emissions, and waste.

Green features incorporated into the building include an onsite water treatment plant which processes waste water from the textiles laboratory for use in the building’s gardens, car wash, cleaning areas and bathrooms, “dry urinals” technology is used to reduce water waste, signage at the building is made from recycled materials, and energy efficient lighting is used throughout the building for increased energy saving. The firm conducts continuous monitoring of wastewater and atmospheric emissions.

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