UL Releases Paper on Safer Household Electronic Appliance Design
Oct 6, 2010
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Safety testing and certification agency Underwriters Laboratories (UL) released a new white paper, "The Increasing Complexity of Appliance Motors: The Need for New Standards to Address New Technologies," which reviews the evolution of small motor design, emerging motor protection schemes, and the applicable standards for safer design and operation.

“Appliance motors support lower-cost performance in a variety of household functions, from drying hair to opening cans, cleaning carpets and compacting trash,” said Mrs. Simin Zhou, vice president and general manager of UL's Appliances, HVAC/R and Components business unit. “Decreased component costs along with the increased demand for more energy efficient operation has led to the emergence of electronic protection schemes." She said that, with motor protection operations becoming more sophisticated, the agency has worked with the industry to develop new standards as well as provide training to make it easier for product designers and manufacturers to develop safe, reliable appliances.

The white paper examines various motor technologies on the market as well as applicable standards for safer design and operation of motor-driven appliances. These standards and guidelines are intended to minimize the risk of fire, electric shock and injury from motor overload by addressing design challenges and providing guidance on motor protection techniques for various applications.

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