GE Designs Isobutane Fridge for Smaller Dwellings
Oct 6, 2010
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GE Appliances plans an early 2011 launch for the first U.S. refrigerator using isobutane as a refrigerant, and the company has designed the appliance to fit the needs of consumers who are moving back to cities and into smaller dwellings.

To meet the needs of this trend to smaller-size households, the GE Monogram line is offering luxury appliances with more versatile options. The Monogram 30-in, fully integrated refrigerator and wine reserve will add a third storage compartment – a “convertible” drawer, which can be set for fresh foods, frozen foods, or wine storage to add flexibility to smaller kitchens. The convertible drawer can be set from negative-6°F to 55°F.

“Transitioning to city living or smaller spaces does not mean sacrificing on luxury, style or innovation in the kitchen,” said Merrell Grant, general manager, GE brand and advertising.

The new Monogram refrigerator and wine reserve will be the first in the U.S. to use the R600A (isobutane) refrigerant, which has a lower global warming impact than refrigerants commonly in the U.S. now. The refrigerators will also use cyclopentane as the insulation foam-blowing agent instead of the higher-emitting HFC foam-blowing agents that are commonly used now.

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