Miele Recirculation Hoods Float Over the Cooktop
Sep 20, 2010
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Miele's DA 7000 line now includes two designer cooker hoods operating only in recirculation mode.

Miele, based in Gütersloh, Germany, said the design of the new line is based on an elliptical form. The bulge the canopy measures no more than 16 cm and the unit tapers on either side. Both models – 90 cm wide and 100 cm wide - dispense with the exhaust chimney and the unit is designed to appear to float above the cooktop. The floating effect is enhanced on the island unit by its support: four steel wires suspending the canopy and are designed to be virtually invisible.

A powerful fan with a build-in height of 9 cm is used, and air enters the units via NoSmell active charcoal filters. The unit allows air to dwell longer in the large carbon filters than on conventional recirculation hoods to reduce cooking odors. The enlarged filter area also results in less frequent need for filter changes. Ten-ply metal grease filters are protected by a stainless-steel grille.

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