Lochinvar and Tisun Launch Commercial Solar Thermal Systems
Sep 17, 2010
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Lochinvar Corp., maker of high-efficiency water heaters, and Austrian solar heating technology firm TiSUN have partnered to bring new solar thermal systems to the commercial market in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The product offering includes solar thermal panels engineered for commercial use, solar thermal storage tanks, pumping stations used to control and move the solar energy throughout the system, and an array of system accessories.

The line includes two options for solar thermal panels. The Commercial Solar Flat Panel Collector (SCH models) is a high-efficiency solar thermal panel featuring PVD coating, a laser-welded absorber, and a serpentine heat coil design, which allows for optimum heat transfer in a forced circulation solar system. This single-piece collector is designed for both on-roof and freestanding installations.

The second panel option is the Light Duty Commercial Solar Collector, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It also has a serpentine heat transfer system and a laser-welded absorber with PVD coating.

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