Gorenje Shows Strong Growth in Germany
Sep 8, 2010
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Gorenje reported that its sales in Germany, Europe's single largest market for major appliances, was up 20% in 2009. Gorenje, a maker of major appliances based in Velenje, Slovenia, said its 2009 sales in Germany exceeded €100 million.

Gorenje said Germany accounts for 18% of total European appliance sales. Klemen Prešeren, head of Gorenje operations in Germany, sees the company's success in Germany continuing in 2010. "The trend of double digit growth continues this year. We are increasing the share of up-market appliances in total sales, and successfully extending our network of distribution channels," he said. "As a result, the offer at over half of all trade companies in Germany now includes the Gorenje brand. We wish to be perceived by consumers as a developer of innovative solutions and creator of designer products. To this end, 15% of our total sales portfolio is revamped each year, which is above the average in an otherwise highly innovative and dynamic market where annually just under nine percent of products are novelties."

Gorenje entered the German market in 1961 with an initial shipment of 200 stoves. Today, Gorenje said it has a 4% market share, making it the fifth-largest full-line appliance company in Germany and

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