Electrolux Washers Ranked No. 1 by EPA
Aug 25, 2010
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The Electrolux premium laundry collection was given the No. 1 ranking in energy efficiency among Energy Star qualified clothes washers. The ranking, issued by the Energy Star program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, takes into account the energy used to run the washer, heat the water, and run the dryer, as well as the unit's water efficiency.

The unit is designed to have the largest capacity washer and dryer, to wash and dry the most clothes in one load. The appliances feature the fastest wash-to-dry time at 29 minutes, with a 15 minute wash cycle and a 14 minute dry cycle. The washers are up to 161% more energy-efficient than federal minimum efficiency standards and use 63% less water.

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