Water Filtration Design Matters to Consumers
Aug 24, 2010
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Most Americans want clean, filtered water, according to a recent survey, but the design of the filtered water source is also important.

In results of a recent omnibus survey commissioned by InSinkErator, 70% of Americans say that having access to cold, filtered water in the home is important. The survey also found that nearly half of those polled indicating they’d like the design to fit in with their kitchen décor.

“Nearly 80% of Americans have some method to filter water in their home, from simple pitchers or faucet-mount filters to sophisticated in-home, water-purification systems, to even bottled water,” said Michelle Gross, marketing manager for water products at InSinkErator. “But what is interesting about the survey results, and what we’re hearing from customers and kitchen designers, is that as popularity for filtration systems increases, homeowners care about how their filtration systems look. They want everything in the kitchen to match in style and décor. In other words, they want products that blend function and style in one package.”

InSinkErator offers instant hot or hot/cool water dispensers featuring an under-sink water-filtration system. The dispensers are typically installed at the primary or secondary kitchen sink, and can be supplemented with one of two different carbon filters to deliver instant, 200°F hot water or cool, filtered water.

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