Midwesterners Will Need Snow Blowers: Big Snow Predicted This Winter
Aug 4, 2010
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The Midwestern U.S. cities of Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis will see the heaviest snow in the upcoming winter according to AccuWeather.

The mid-Atlantic cities that were buried in snow last year will have an easier time of it in the winter of 2011.

AccuWeather.com Chief Long-Range Meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicts the worst winter cold and snow will occur in a region from the Pacific Northwest into the northern Plains and western Great Lakes. Portland and Seattle will be colder and snowier this year. Cities from Fargo and Minneapolis to Green Bay, WI will also get more snow than average.

Cities that should get more snow that usual in the coming winter, according to AccuWeather:
• Chicago
• Omaha
• Minneapolis
• Detroit
• Cleveland
• Seattle
• Portland

Bastardi also predicts severe cold for Alaska and western and central Canada.

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