Air-Conditioning In Demand: 2010 Setting Heat Records
Aug 3, 2010
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2010 has been the kind of year that should drive up air-conditioning sales: consistently hot.

June: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center said June 2010 average global land temperatures, as well as combined global land and ocean surface temperatures, were the warmest since recordkeeping began in 1880.

July: Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) land/sea temperature measurements for July, as reported by Accuweather on August 3, reports that July 2010 was the hottest July ever recorded.

Year-to-date (January through June 2010) combined land and sea temperatures were also the highest ever according to National Climatic Data Center.

Records were set across the United States. Las Vegas had its hottest July ever, hitting triple digit temperatures every day during the month. In Chicago, iconic weatherman Tom Skilling reported the city had just experienced is longest string ever of over 80°F days. Accuweather said July was the warmest month on record for New York City and Atlantic City, NJ, and the second warmest for Philadelphia and Boston.

Other parts of the world are also experiencing record setting high temperatures. Russia's central plains sweltered through July, it's hottest month in 130 years of recordkeeping, according to Accuweather. In Moscow the previous high of 100°F was tied twice in July and finally broken when the temperature reached 101°F.

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