Ortem Sogo Launches Induction Cooking in India
Jul 30, 2010
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Metro Ortem Ltd., an Indian manufacturer of auto and bike tires, is getting into the home appliance business with the launch of induction cookers. The company is with in collaboration with Sogo of Europe.

"We are launching digital induction cooking systems to cater to the mid segment and mass market with the distinct objective to redefine and the induction cooking system Market in India," said Mr. Rummy Chabbra, Metro Ortem's managing director. "Ortem Sogo has been specially designed to suit Indian cooking requirements.”

Metro Ortem is promoting the energy efficiency and safety benefits of induction cooking. The company also notes that, because the cooktop generates no direct itself, less extra heat is generated into hot kitchens.

The unit has a retail price of Rs. 3650 (approx US$80).

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