Rheem Tankless Technology Behind Integrated HVAC & Water Heating
Jul 20, 2010
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Rheem introduced an integrated residential system that uses its tankless hot water technology to provide home heating and hot water from a single source.

The Integrated HVAC and Water Heating System Powered by Tankless Technology can be combined with the OEM's cooling equipment to provide complete air and water home comfort.

"Rheem is the first company to develop a truly integrated HVAC and water heating system, built by one manufacturer, designed to provide complete whole-home air and water comfort," said Rheem CEO JR Jones. "This innovative breakthrough product provides multiple benefits for homeowners and tremendous selling advantages for HVAC and plumbing contractors."

The system matches a tankless water heater with a hydronic air handler. Hot water is circulated through the air handler to provide warmth and is then recirculated back to the tankless water heater to ensure that no water is wasted.

The integrated system offers installation benefits by cutting the number of gas appliances, and the number of gas lines and venting, that need to be installed.

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