Alliance Wants Home Star Added to Jobs Bill
Jul 19, 2010
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The Alliance to Save Energy urged the U.S. Senate to include Home Star in its Small Business Jobs Bill, expected to make its way to the Senate floor this week.

The program gives cash incentives to homeowners who make their homes more energy efficient through various levels of investment, including the installation of more energy efficient HVAC systems. The program is also seen as a job-creator.

Home Star is supported by the Obama Administration and passed the U.S. House of Representatives in May. Home Star has bipartisan support in Congress. The Home Star Coalition ( lists approximately 2000 entities, from small businesses to large coalition organizations, that have voiced support for the bill.

“For the more than 110 million homes across America, Home Star will save energy and money while, in the process, putting nearly 170,000 people to work,” said Alliance Director of Government Relations Brad Penney. “Most of the support will go to small businesses, which make up 90% of the companies involved in home retrofits, thereby bringing much-needed relief to the job engine of our still-struggling economy.”

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