Miele Updates Oven Rack Glide Technology
Jul 20, 2010
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German-based appliance maker Miele introduced FlexiClips technology for easy gliding oven racks, offering them as standard equipment on some new ovens and selling them as aftermarket accessories for owners of older Miele ovens.

The racks are engineered for a smooth and effortless push/pull system. The OEM says the feature adds convenience and overall home safety, and is ideal for aging-in-place applications.

"How many times have you been burned when struggling to pull out the oven rack?" posed Nadine Gast, Senior Product Manager for Miele. She added that, even under the load of a 20-lb turkey, the new racks glide in and out smoothly and completely for safe access to the entire rack.

The easy glide oven racks are now standard in the lower oven rack position in all 30-inch MasterChef ovens from the company.

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