Survey Indicates U.S. Contract Manufacturing May Grow
Jul 15, 2010
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The results of a new Design-2-Part (D2P) Show survey indicate the U.S. contract manufacturing industry will show increased activity in the next 12 months.

The survey polled 2000 recent D2P attendees on their needs for outsourcing custom parts and services over the next year. The results indicate that nearly three times as many OEMs expect an increase in outsourcing/purchasing projects as those who expect a decrease:
• 31.1% said that they expect an increase
• 11.1% expects a decrease
• 57.8% said their outsourcing projects would remain the same.

When asked where they outsource the majority of their projects:
• 9.8% said overseas
• 32% said locally
• 29.2% said regionally
• 29% said nationally

The leading reason given for using local vendors was “hands-on access/vendor visits,” which outpolled “delivery time/cost” and “support the local economy.”

The survey polled manufacturing engineers and purchasing personnel who attended one of 12 national D2P Shows that took place in major manufacturing hubs across the United States in the last year.

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