GE Unveils Home Energy Management Center
Jul 13, 2010
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GE unveiled a communication and data storage device called Nucleus that will provide consumers with information about their household electricity use and costs, enabling them to make better choices about how and when to use power.

The device will collect and store a consumer's household electricity use and cost data for up to three years and present it to homeowners in real-time using PC and smart phone applications.

The unit is the first product in GE's Brillion suite of smart home energy management solutions. The line will also include a programmable thermostat, in-home display, smart phone application, and smart appliances for the entire home.

"Currently consumers have little more than a monthly utility bill to determine what they're using and spending," said Dave McCalpin, general manager, Home Energy Management.

GE quoted figures that estimate more than 40 million smart meters will be installed in the United States by 2012, enabling new utility time-of-use pricing plans. To make the best use of such plans, consumers will need ways to better manage their energy usage. The GE devices will allow users to automatically adjust their thermostats or even to alter the consumption of their GE Profile appliances.

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