Sustainability Drives Aluminum Growth in Consumer Products
Jun 28, 2010
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New increases in the use of aluminum in consumer electronics, automobiles, packaging, and infrastructure are among the top drivers for growth in rolled aluminum products, and concerns about sustainability are behind much of the trend, according to Philip Martens, president and COO of Novelis Inc.

Martens spoke on June 22 at CRU's 15th Annual Aluminium Conference in Oslo, Norway. Novelis is the world's largest producer of rolled aluminum and the global leader in beverage can recycling.

Martens said the sustainability characteristics of aluminum are important in consumer electronics because aluminum saves weight, dissipates heat, and adds to the product's recyclability.

Novelis estimates global demand for aluminum will rise "about 4% annually over the next five years," said Martens, "with Asia being perhaps double that rate."

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