U.S. Voters Concerned About Loss of Global Economic Standing
Jun 30, 2010
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A bipartisan poll conducted by Mark Mellman and Whit Ayres shows that, going into the 2010 election cycle, Democrats and Republicans both face unhappy voters who, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, are unified in their concern over the loss of American manufacturing jobs and the lack attention the issue is getting from Congress.

AAM said that, when asked about potential economic solutions, pro-manufacturing policies won overwhelming support across demographics. AAM noted that poll responses echo a June 21, 2010 Financial Times article that quotes a projection that, in 2011, the United States will lose its status as top nation in factory production to China.

"A majority of likely voters say the U.S. no longer has the world's strongest economy, and that Washington isn't doing enough to promote manufacturing despite the contributions this sector makes to America's economic security, our independence and our ability to stay ahead of global competition," said AAM Executive Director Scott Paul.

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