Private Label Appliance Maker Launches Western Premium Brand
Jun 30, 2010
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Western Industries, a private label manufacturer of premium appliances, launched its own Western Premium brand of residential appliances. The new line is comprised of a selection of patented technologies involving Western’s core competencies in cooking, ventilation, warming, and laundry accessories.

The debut product is a Downdraft Induction Cooktop – the only induction cooktop to feature a built-in ventilation system. The cooktop included patented technology. The integrated ventilation allows the cooktop to be installed on a kitchen island or in another area where an overhead ventilation system can't be installed.

Future products planned for release under the brand name include convection warming drawers, convection spa towel warmers, and cooking ventilation systems.

"We are focused on offering a limited collection of highly innovative products, not a full suite of appliances,” explains Michael Mosner, vice president sales and marketing for Western Industries. “Through the Western Premium brand we will introduce progressive designs that take safety, convenience and luxury to a new level, while filling an upscale niche in the market."

Mosner said Western will continue serving its OEM customers in the appliance industry while creating boutique home appliances under the Western Premium brand name.

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