Most Valuable Global Retail Brands Ranked
Jun 29, 2010
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Walmart remains the No. 1 retail brand at a value of $39.421 billion according to a new study by Kantar Retail and BrandZ ranking the top 20 retail brands (most of whom sell appliances).

Amazon, valued at $27.459 billion, comes in at No. 2 and bumped UK-based Tesco, valued at $25.741, to No. 3.

A broad span in overall value separates the top three from the rest of the Top 20, with Carrefour SA coming in No. 4 at a value of $14.980 billion. No. 5 is Target Corp., valued at $12.148 billion.

The remainder of the retail brands on the study are valued at under $10 billion. These include:
6 - Ebay Inc.
7 – The Home Depot
8 –Aldi (Germany)
9 – Auchan (France)
10 – Lowe's
11 – Best Buy
12 – Ikea (Sweden)
13 – Marks & Spencer (UK)
14 – Asda (UK), owned by Wal-Mart Stores
15 – Kohl's
16 – Lidl (Germany)
17 - Costco
18 – Sam's Club, owned by Wal-Mart Stores
19 – Safeway
20 – Sainsbury (UK)

“During periods of economic uncertainty, consumers and businesses increasingly rely on strong brands for the reassurance and reliability they represent,” noted Wayne Levings, CEO of Kantar Retail.

The report authors note that the Top 10 brands on the list have been consistent in the past five years, but two instances of dramatic growth—Amazon and ALDI—reflect significant marketplace trends.

With a 359% increase in brand value, Amazon moved from No. 8 in 2006 to No. 2 in 2010, showing the revolutionary impact of e‐commerce.

Aldi’s 241% increase in brand value demonstrates consumers' increased concern with price and their embracing of private label products, at least in the supermarket realm.

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