Celeste Pizzas Will Make Use of TrueCookPlus Microwave Technology
Jun 24, 2010
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Pinnacle Foods Group LLC will begin selling Celeste frozen pizzas that make use of Microwave Science’s TrueCookPlus technology. The technology is currently available on microwave ovens manufactured by LG under the LG and Sears Kenmore brand names.

Packaged foods licensed to use the technology come with a short numeric code, which is entered by the consumer to cook the food product. Software in the oven takes into account all the variables that impact the cooking time of microwaveable food such as oven temperature, wattage, size, voltage, location altitude, and power settings. The oven can then run an optimized cycle to cook the food with the best results.

Microwave Science JV LLC, which has the patent on the technology, said available food products that can exploit the system include PopSecret, Pinnacle, Emerald, Diamond, and Celeste Pizza brands. Hungry Man and Aunt Jemima products will be coded and available for the system by the end of 2010.

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