AEG-Electrolux Microwave Relies on Low-Warpage Polymer
May 28, 2010
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AEG-Electrolux relies on a special low-warpage grade of liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) to play a critical role in its combination ovens. Vectra liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) from Ticona Engineering Polymers provides heat resistance to an easy-to-clean interior door panel that covers a key metal component which, in turn, keeps microwaves inside the oven.

Vectra E440i is both heat resistant and transparent to microwaves and the material is used in an interior door panel where temperatures can reach up to 250°C. The injection molded panel permits electromagnetic energy to pass through to a hidden wave trap that prevents dangerous microwaves from escaping through the space between the metal frame of the door and the frame of the cooking space.

The material is also used because it offers stiffness and strength, scratch-resistance, and ease of cleaning.

The low-warpage LCP also offers easy and cost-effective thin-wall injection molding technology advantages due to excellent flowability. The 175-gram door interior panel is molded with a sprue of just 4 grams.

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