Hill Phoenix Focuses on Energy at FMI 2010
May 28, 2010
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Commercial refrigeration OEM Hill Phoenix demonstrated new technologies to help commercial customers achieve higher efficiency and improve bottom-line results during the recent Food Marketing Institute event in Las Vegas, FMI 2010.

Synerg-E is a proprietary new case technology designed to achieve improved performance and energy savings with improved air flow efficiency, primary and secondary heat transfer surfaces, and overall coil efficiency. The NRGcoil is a patented evaporator design with an increased primary and secondary cooling surface, operating at higher suction temperatures and decreasing the total energy required as a result. It includes an integral liquid sub-cooler that increases system efficiencies by supply liquid sub-cooling and vapor-free liquid to expansion devices. A new advanced Airflow Management System is responsible for delivering air to the NRGcoil. The combination of a newly patented air scoop, new rear baffle design, reengineered top canopy supports, and high efficiency fans contribute to improved air flow dynamics. Engineers even tightened the wiring sheathing and re-routed the wiring to prevent airflow interference. Display cases using the technology already exceed 2012 DOE energy efficiency standards for commercial refrigerated display cases.

Another new development is the Clearvoyant LED Lighting System, designed by the OEM specifically for display cases. It is engineered to be a highly efficient LED system with a low-profile design for shelving. The LEDs use about half the output of traditional fluorescent lamps, and with less heat. A color rendering index (CRI) of 80 or greater means the full color spectrum of displayed products is illuminated to make them look more appealing to customers.

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