May 21, 2010
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The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute (ARTI) has been renamed the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Institute (AHRTI). AHRTI was incorporated in Virginia on January 28, 2010.

In March 2010 the ARTI and AHRTI boards jointly agreed to merge ARTI, a Delaware corporation, into the newly formed AHRTI, and on March 31, 2010, the two organizations formally merged under the name of AHRTI.

ARTI was originally set up by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) in 1989 as a not-for profit corporation to undertake collaborative public-industry jointly funded scientific research.

ARI itself merged with the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA) in 2008 to form the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

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