Laundry Rooms Important to Homebuyers
May 24, 2010
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Consumers continue to look for more stylish and comfortable rooms in which to do their laundry, according to a recent Washington Time article. The article, by Carisa Chappell, includes National Association of Home Builders Director of Economic Services Stephen Melman saying that a laundry room is No. 2 in the top 10 most-requested features of new homes in 2010 (No. 1 is a master bedroom walk-in closet).

In the U.S., laundry appliances were once commonly placed in the basement. But today's homeowners want a more pleasant place for the 6 hours each week they spend, on average, doing the laundry.

In the article Tom Byrne, president of Chadsworth Homes Inc., describes dedicated laundry rooms that are large and multifunctional, designed for organization and featuring tables for folding, stations for ironing, and windows with views.

But Melman said the trend to put laundry appliances near to bedrooms is reversing, prompted by noise and vibration problems. These appliances are moving back to the main living level of the home in many cases.

However, the article notes, the laundry appliances have become quieter and make upper-floor laundry rooms for feasible, particularly in higher-end homes.

The Chappell article also notes that, in town homes and condos, in-unit laundry spaces can bump value of the home by $5000. No one wants to have to use a shared laundry area.

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