NADCA Names Die Casting Design Competition Winners
May 14, 2010
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NADCA has named the winners in its annual International Die Casting Design Competition which showcases outstanding die cast designs. Eight winners were chosen for 2010 and were on display at the Cast in North America Pavilion at CastExpo'10 Orlando, FL, in March. The top eight submissions and two honorable mention winners represented a range of products touting innovative designs and a vast array of applications.

“This year, surprisingly, the competition was fiercest in the magnesium over one half pound category, possibly indicating that we will see more innovations in the application of large magnesium die castings in the future,” said NADCA design engineer Dan Meyer. “The largest dimension individual die casting ever submitted to the competition was a large magnesium lift gate die casting. Other surprising innovations such as die casting over other die castings of a different alloy were also demonstrated.”

The winners were:
• Contech Casting LLC for the Aluminum Squeeze/Semi-Solid category
• Twin City Die Castings Co. for the Aluminum under 1 lb., Aluminum 1 to 10 lb. and Magnesium under .5 lb. categories
• Aselsan for the Aluminum over 10 lb. category
• Meridian Lightweight Technologies for the Magnesium over .5 lb. category
• Caudle Manufacturing Co. Inc. for the Zinc under 6 oz. Non-Electroplated category
• Cast Products Inc. for the Zinc over 6 oz. Non-Electroplated category

Honorable mentions went to:
• Twin City Die Castings Co. for Magnesium over .5 lb
• Mercury Marine for Aluminum over 10 lbs

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