More Americans Eating at Home, Survey Says
Aug 4, 2008
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Americans are tightening their wallets and changing behaviors in response to the country’s economic
slowdown. They may also be tightening their belts soon. One convenience Americans are reducing
compared to a year ago is going out to eat. The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence’s (RICKI) latest research study, Remodelers 360, a survey of more than 9200 people, examined consumers’ kitchen design preferences and kitchen remodeling experiences as well as how they currently use their kitchens. The most often cited activity that takes place in the kitchen,mentioned by two-thirds of respondents (65%), is eating or planning meals followed by taking medication or vitamins (53%). When people were asked in the survey if they eat at home more or less often now than they did a year ago compared to eating at restaurants or getting take out, four out of ten (43%), said they eat at home more now. Only around one in ten adults (11%) say they are eating at home less than they were 12 months ago.

Americans who are even more likely to stay home for meals now compared to a year ago are those with
kids, those under the age of 45, people who live in multi-family homes, and those with a combined
annual household income of less than US$100,000.

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