First Home-Use Wind Turbine Developer Named Inventor of the Month
Apr 30, 2010
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Autodesk, Inc. named Danish firm Vindby its Inventor of the Month for April. Vindby used Autodesk Inventor software to develop the Vindby 1A, the first wind turbine approved for home use in Denmark. The unit is easy to assemble and install, and designed to make it easy for homeowners to generate clean, renewable energy and lessen their environmental impact.

Regulations in Denmark require all wind turbines, even units like Vindby’s with a footprint of less than five square meters, to undergo a six-month test period, three of which must be winter months.

By designing, visualizing, and simulating the performance of its wind turbine in the supplier's software, Vindby said it reduced the number of physical prototypes required and sped up product development. The time advantage helped it become the first company to reach the Danish market with an approved wind turbine for private home use. Sales have now expanded to Norway and Sweden.

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