Best Buy May Tap Green Enthusiasm in the UK
Apr 30, 2010
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U.S. appliance and consumer electronics retailer Best Buy – opening its first UK megastore today - will position itself as the "green" retailer in a bid to grab consumer attention as it launches in the UK, according to Verdict Research.

Best Buy's new store opened at 7 AM in the West Thurrock Retail Park, Essex. The company of one the biggest appliances/CE retailers in the U.S., and Verdict expects the retailer will use its environmental credentials as "a major weapon in its fight for attention," according to Verdict senior retail analyst Matt Piner. He noted that Best Buy has already caused some stir in the UK with its plans to sell electric cars.

"Electricals is a homogenous sector and it’s notoriously difficult for retailers to do anything truly different," noted Verdict senior retail analyst Matt Piner. "Outside of the supermarkets and a few niche operators, UK retailers have so far made little of their environmental credentials."

As in other parts of the world, consumers' interest is high but their understanding of environmental issues somewhat hazy.

"The average consumer struggles to comprehend exactly what they should be looking for in terms of product carbon footprints, energy consumption and other environmental factors," Piner said. "Best Buy, with its strong reputation for service, will offer to inform and assist them in understanding exactly what is on offer."

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