Indesit Re-Appoints Milani CEO
Apr 29, 2010
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The new board of directors for Fabriano, Italy-based Indesit Company has re-appointed Marco Milani as Group CEO of the appliance producer for the 3-year period 2010 - 2012. The legal requisites of six (out of 11) independent directors (Valerio Battista, Francesco Caio, Innocenzo Cipolletta, Paolo De Cesare, Mario Greco and Paolo Monferino) were also confirmed.

The board appointed new members of its committees:
• Mario Greco (chair), Maria Paola Merloni, and Paolo Monferino form the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee
• Innocenzo Cipolletta (chair), Francesco Caio, and Antonella Merloni form the Internal Control Committee

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