Electronic Component Orders Take a Leap in March
Apr 19, 2010
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Electronic component orders took another leap in March, mimicking a similar increase in January according to the monthly report compiled by the Electronic Components Association (ECA).

The 12-month average, comparing this year's results to last year's, continued an ascent that began last summer.

ECA's monthly report consolidates order information collected in confidence from leading electronic component manufacturers, almost all of them reporting higher orders than at this time in 2009. Based on Asian and U.S. market forecasts, the increase in orders likely stems from a combination of strong customer demand and stockpiling to offset possible shortages in the future.

"There's optimism among manufacturers that business is on the comeback trail," says ECA President Bob Willis. "Given the lessons of the past, this isn't an over-exuberant optimism, but the vital signs indicating a recovery are all good."

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