Kitchen Electrics Boom in the UK
Apr 14, 2010
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In the UK consumer durables markets, some of 2010's most significant and consistent growth is taking place in the small kitchen appliances segment according to market research firm GfK. In fact, the segment is outpacing flat screen TVs, Gaming consoles and software, and even mobile phones (excluding Smart Phones). Anthony Williams, GfK account director for Home Appliances, credits post-holiday bargains and the influence of popular TV cooking programs.

Week 10 of 2010 saw the highest value growth rate for the Small Kitchen Appliances market in a non-Christmas period in over 40 weeks - 9.9% growth, GfK reported. At the same time, unit sale increases are less than 1%, meaning that consumers are typically spending 9% more per unit than in 2009.

Small appliances showing particularly strong sales include food preparation devices like hand mixers and food processors, while coffee makers registered four consecutive weeks of double-digit value growth between Feb. 13 and Mar. 13, 2010.

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