Contraction and Recovery for the Small Motor Market
Apr 13, 2010
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The first edition of the SMMA/IMS Americas Small Motor Tracker showed the small motor market has undergone a V-shaped contraction and recovery.

IMS Research estimated the Americas small motor market was worth $812 million at the end of 2007, with a downturn in the market beginning in the third quarter 2008. The market bottomed out during the second quarter 2009, then stabilized and began to recover in the final quarter 2009.

Overall the market was flat in 2008 and fell in excess of 12.5% in 2009.

The report suggests the Americas small motor market has performed robustly, mostly due to product replacement trends. The small motors considered in the tracker have particularly benefited from replacement trends in AC motors in industrial applications. In addition, the medical industry held up well during the downturn; medical applications account for 29% of the small motor market in the Americas.

SMMA - The Motor & Motion Association and IMS published the first edition of the Americas Small Motor Tracker, in March 2010. Its scope is in line with the IMS study The World Market for Small Motors – 2010 Edition and covers motors up to maximum power rating of 500W of the following designs: Tin can, hybrid stepper, brushed DC (IP40+), brushless DC (IP40+), and coreless motors.

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