24% of 2010 Tablet Sales Will Be Android
Apr 5, 2010
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The Apple iPad is not the only tablet computer in the market, and IMS Research predicts that tablets with the rival Android operating system will make up 24% of the 2010 market.

IMS notes that Apple will get a big share of the tablet market and will ship millions of the iPads this year, but many tablets are launching this year and many make use of Google's Android OS.

"The user interface and content that a tablet supplier brings to the table will likely influence purchase decisions just as much as hardware requirements," said the IMS report author Anna Hunt, a principal analyst at IMS. "Suppliers are realizing the importance of content and service and many are turning to the Android ecosystem to be able to offer the complete user experience and compete with Appleā€™s offering."

IMS estimates Microsoft Windows 7 will account for 10% of tablet shipments in 2010 and expects its share to grow from there.

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