Royal Plastic Gets New Laser-Sintering Capability
Mar 30, 2010
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Royal Plastic Mfg. in Minden, NE, is the first North American firm to purchase a EOSINT P 800 laser sintering system, made by equipment supplier EOS.

Royal will use the unit to manufacture high-performance thermoplastic products out of a unique PEEK HP3 material from EOS.

Royal Plastic Engineering Manager Tim O’Dey said the company has more than a half-century's experience making parts for aircraft, and the new system is ideal for this industry – but will also allow the Royal to expand into medical and other fields.

Components created using the laser sintering system have inherent heat and corrosion resistance. The polymer itself, belonging to the group of polyaryletherketones, has a melt point of 372°C/702°F and offers chemical resistance, high tensile strength, light weight, biocompatibility, and sterilizability.

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