UK Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Institute Launched
Mar 29, 2010
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The UK's Institute of Refrigeration has launched the Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Institute (ACHPI) as a way to provide heat pump industry engineers with a new source of technical information.

"This burgeoning sector of our industry has its own different technical needs and the ACHPI can help develop this growing area where engineers are thirsty for reliable and independent information," explained John Ellis, chairman of the IOR ACHPI technical panel. "There is no doubt about it, this sector will make an enormous contribution to the development of more energy efficient heating systems in the future."

ACHPI is intended to bring together the technical expertise of manufacturer support services with the experience of the IOR.

The first technical updates are now available online for IOR, Service Engineer and ACHPI members and cover:
• energy inspections of air conditioning equipment
• the heat pump vapor compression cycle
• measuring and maximizing system efficiency
• recovering, reclaiming, recycling R22 and ODS refrigerants

More information is on the IOR web site at:

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