U.S. Manufacturing Down Slightly in February
Mar 15, 2010
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The Federal Reserve reported that Industrial production edged up 0.1% in the United States in February after a gain of 0.9% in January.

Manufacturing decreased 0.2% in February, after a 0.9% gain in January. Feb. 2010 was up 1.5% compared to Feb. 2009.

The Consumer Goods market group was down 0.4% in February, after an increase of 0.9% in January. However, Consumer Goods were up 2.2% in Feb. 2010 compared to Feb. 2009. The index for consumer durables fell 2.3%, led by a drop of 4.4% with other major components registering small declines.

Still, the February 2010 output of consumer durables was up 9.2% from February 2009.

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