2010 Appliance Industry Outlook & Market Share Report Available
Jan 18, 2010
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Canon Data Products Group, in conjunction with APPLIANCE Magazine, a Canon Communications LLC publication, has released its annual market research report entitled, “U.S. Appliance Industry: Market Share, Life Expectancy & Replacement Market, and Saturation Levels.” This report will give professionals working in or servicing the appliance industry an understanding of the current state of the industry, including share-of-market data for top appliance companies, future growth drivers within the replacement market, and consumer buying trends.

The appliance sectors covered in this report are Major Appliances, HVAC, Personal Care, Floor Care, Outdoor Appliances, Consumer Electronics, and Business Appliances. Quantitative analysis for each sector includes:

• Share-of-market figures for 2004 and 2008, providing a 4-year comparison.
• Life expectancy and replacement listings of the low, high, and average life-cycle expectancy for each appliance category and estimates of the number of units eligible for replacement during 2009 and 2010.
• U.S. saturation details for principal appliance products in the United States from 2001 to 2008.
• U.S. units shipped for U.S.-made and imported appliances for the American market during 2009.

Andrew Humphreys, editor-in-chief of Canon Data Products Group, comments: “The U.S. appliance industry is poised for an upswing this year as the overall economy continues to rebound and consumer spending is showing signs of improvement. Energy-efficient products that can save families about one-third on their energy bill, provide tax credits, and generate a more positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions will help spearhead appliance sales.”

More insight is available through this U.S. Appliance Industry report, which can be purchased at www.ApplianceMagazine.com/MarketResearch.

For more information, contact Sandra Baker at 215-944-9836 or Sandra.Baker@cancom.com.

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