$7.2 Billion in Outdoor Products by 2013
Jan 7, 2010
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U.S. demand for grills, outdoor heaters, and outdoor furniture/accessories will increase 3.9% annually to reach $7.2 billion in 2013, according to The Freedonia Group. Growth will come from the increased number of households and the growing popularity of outdoor living.  Consumer lifestyle trends such as “staycations” (vacations at home rather than travelling) and outdoor rooms will encourage consumers to invest in outdoor spaces and trade up outdoor products, according to the study Outdoor Furniture & Grills.

The report says that some retrenchment in consumer spending will slow gains. Continued strong increases in imports, particularly inexpensive products from low-cost countries, will limit value gains.  Both the grill and furniture segments will match the industry’s overall pace. Grill sales will be supported by demand for premium, highly featured grills and furniture sales bolstered by solid gains in metal furniture and cushion and covers. 

Imports have had a significant share of the U.S. outdoor furniture/grill market. With double-digit increases in the past decade, imports now account for more than three-fifths of total outdoor furniture and grill demand in 2008.

Much of this growth comes from Chinese suppliers increasing their penetration of the U.S. market. Chinese imports rose fivefold between 1998 - 2008, from 14% of total U.S. demand to 43%.  The report says Chinese suppliers have taken significant market share from U.S. producers as well as taking share from other suppliers throughout Asia.  Some imports increases are the result of U.S. companies shifting production to China.  Many leading retailers of outdoor furniture and grills source at least some private label products from Chinese suppliers, often on a short-term contract manufacturing basis.

U.S. Outdoor Furniture and Grill
Supply and Demand (million dollars)
% Annual Growth
Item 2003 2008 2013 2003-2008 2008-2013
Outdoor Furniture & Accessories 2962 3965 4800 6.0% 3.9%
Grills & Accessories 1387 1770 2145 5.0% 3.9%
Patio Heating Products 202 245 285 3.9% 3.1%
Total Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand 4551 5980 7230 5.6% 3.9%
- imports
2324 3605 4515 9.2% 4.6%
+ exports
462 800 895 11.6% 2.3%
Outdoor Furniture & Grill Shipments 2689 3175 3610 3.4% 2.6%

Source: The Freedonia Group

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