Whirlpool Promotes Smart Grid Appliances in Copenhagen
Dec 10, 2009
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Whirlpool is participating in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) being held in Copenhagen this week (Dec. 7-15).

Whirlpool said it supports the idea that energy efficiency and conservation must be seen in a more holistic and dynamic way than in the past and is developing new applications that will use energy in new and effective ways, beyond just replacing one device with a newer, more efficient one. Whirlpool's message to policymakers in Copenhagen is that the achievement of their goal of global emission reductions can be significantly accelerated through integrating smart, energy efficient appliances on a smart electricity grid.

Whirlpool has stated that the success of the smart grid is dependent on public-private partnerships and the adoption of an open, global standard by the end of 2010 for transmitting and receiving signals from a home appliance.

Also critical, the company says, is how consumers will engage with the smart grid. "Consumers must be able to choose when they want their smart appliances to participate in the smart grid, and when they might want to opt out," said Bracken Darrell, president, Whirlpool Europe. "The offer of financial incentives - through time of use pricing - will be the single biggest driver for consumers to change their energy consumption habits."

Whirlpool is a leading member of the Smart Green Grid Initiative (SGGI), a UN-approved participating organization in the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Together with other members of the initiative - industry representatives, grid operators and energy suppliers - Whirlpool will stress the importance of collaboration between the industry, regulators, non-government organizations and other private and institutional stakeholders to drive climate change mitigation.

Tom Catania, vice president, government relations, Whirlpool, will represent Whirlpool at the conference, actively taking part in the discussions and speaking as part of the Smart Green Grid Initiative.

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