29 States Approved for Appliance Rebates
Dec 8, 2009
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Twenty-nine states and two U.S. territories have received Department of Energy approval to offer cash rebates on purchases of energy-efficient household appliances, said a Dow Jones report.

The rebates, which were authorized by the U.S. economic stimulus legislation earlier this year, are intended to encourage consumer spending and purge homes of older refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances that use more electricity than new models, the report said.

The $300 million of federal money will be distributed through individual state programs. All 50 states submitted rebate program plans that include specific rebate amounts for appliances with federal Energy Star efficiency ratings. Most of the programs approved so far are projected to begin in February, March, and April. Delaware, Kansas, and Oregon are listed as beginning their rebate programs this month. Other states approved include California, whose program begins in March; New York in February; Pennsylvania in March; and Illinois in January.

The full list can be found on the Energy Department Web site at www.energysavers.gov/financial/index.cfm/mytopic=70020.
(Dow Jones)

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