Report: HDTVs High on Holiday Shoppers' 2009 Lists
Dec 4, 2009
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Over the last two years, High Definition Televisions (HDTVs) ranked as the most desired consumer electronic (CE) product at the holiday season; and it was no different this year. HDTVs remain at the top of respondents' holiday wish lists in 2009, according to In-Stat.

"Over all, CE products continue to top holiday wish lists which is good news for retailers, CE manufacturers and suppliers. However, the downside is purchase intent has fallen from 2008. Our 2009 consumer survey reveals that the percentage of respondents who plan to purchase a CE device have declined within each CE market segment," according to Stephanie Ethier, In-Stat Analyst. "In-Stat believes the economy is continuing to take a toll on consumer spending."

For the fourth year in a row, In-Stat surveyed its proprietary Technology Adoption Panel about the different CE products they are considering for purchase this holiday season. The top products are:

1. HDTVs
2. Notebook PCs
3. Digital cameras
4. Blu-ray players
5. Desktop PCs

In-Stat also found that the most desired feature in future e-readers is wireless connectivity. In addition, it noted that approximately 40% of future PC purchasers state that a need for better performance is the key PC puchase criteria.

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