AIM Global Announces Public Review of New Chinese Bar Code
Aug 27, 2008
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AIM Global, the trade association for automatic identification and mobility, announced that the Public Review Draft of the International Symbology Specification – Grid Matrix developed by AIM Global's Technical Symbology Committee (TSC) is available for a 30-day public review.

Grid Matrix is designed to encode the entire GB 2312-1980 Chinese character set efficiently. Grid Matrix can also encode 7-bit ASCII, numeric and binary data. Grid Matrix is intended for broad use in both printed symbols and mobile phone display applications.

Grid Matrix is a variable size, dimensionally square, two-dimensional matrix symbology with unique dark- and light-framed "macromodules" that create a unique grid design that provides a robust finder pattern. The unique finder pattern ensures "finding" of the symbol even with significant symbol damage. User-selectable levels of Reed-Solomon error correction are also incorporated to ensure correct reading of data.

The Public Review process ends Sept. 30, 2008. Interested reviewers can download the document for a fee (AIM Global members may download free of charge with login), from the AIM Global website, Reviewers should send comments to

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