LCD-TV Prices Fall 22% for Black Friday
Dec 1, 2009
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U.S. retailers during the week of Black Friday cut prices on LCD-TV models by an average of 22%compared to before the event, causing sales to rise by 6 percent compared to a year earlier, according to iSuppli Corp.

The group said that in large part due to the deals offered on and before Black Friday, the fourth quarter is typically the strongest period of the year for the U.S. LCD-TV market. An estimated 28.7% of 2009 LCD-TV shipments in the U.S. and Canada are projected to occur in the fourth quarter, it said, predicting that LCD-TV shipments in the U.S. and Canada will rise by 15.3% in 4Q 2009 compared to the same period in 2008.

iSuppli said that the most common set offered via Black Friday promotions this year was the 32-inch High-Definition (HD) LCD-TV. Average U.S. Black Friday promotional pricing for 32-inch LCD-TVs declined to US$369, down 24.7% from $490 before the event. The lowest Black Friday price iSuppli noted for this screen size was less than the cheapest smaller-sized 26-inch LCD TVs.

The biggest average price reduction was for 19-inch LCD-TVs, at 36.8%, followed by 26-inch sets at 34.9%.

Average U.S. Black Friday promotional pricing for 40-inch LCD-TVs declined to $577, down 23.3% from $752 before the event.

Pricing reductions for larger LCD-TVs were more modest, with 42-inch sets experiencing a 7.3% decline and 46-inch sets dipping by 7.2%.

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